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The Bear Story

Bears are amongst one of the most adaptable and versatile mammals on earth; their behavior stirs awe, wonder and curiosity as well as fear in the best of us; all of which can also be said about trees. During winter the bear will go to a cave or to hollow tree trunk to hibernate, not because of the cold, but because there is a lack of sufficient food to be found in the winter.

During hibernation the bear can lose upwards of 40% of its body weight - burning their fat for fuel – they don’t eat or drink.


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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the process of injecting high quality nutrients into your trees’ root zone while under pressure. The injection begins just below the surface and goes to total depth of 12 to 14”. Each injection site is strategically placed 2 to 3’ feet apart in a grid pattern under your trees’ canopy area and beyond its drip line for maximum results.

It is recommended that when utilizing deep root fertilization solutions, the process be repeated twice a year, in order to better assist in your trees overall health. By repeating this process you are also helping your tree defend itself against insect infestations and common tree diseases.

Wherever oxygen, nutrients and moisture are present you are sure to find roots. By having deep root fertilization services performed at minimum twice a year, you are improving your soil’s oxygen content, aeration and nutrient levels, which help to improve environmental conditions in and around your trees roots.

For more information on the formulation of our fertilizer, please feel free to contact us. Considering that each tree is different than the next, our certified arborists may make amendments to the mixture we most often utilize, as is commonly the case whenever nutrient deficiencies or health concerns are present.