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The Bear Story

Bears are amongst one of the most adaptable and versatile mammals on earth; their behavior stirs awe, wonder and curiosity as well as fear in the best of us; all of which can also be said about trees. During winter the bear will go to a cave or to hollow tree trunk to hibernate, not because of the cold, but because there is a lack of sufficient food to be found in the winter.

During hibernation the bear can lose upwards of 40% of its body weight - burning their fat for fuel – they don’t eat or drink.


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Treatment of Sick Trees

Many different types of diseases exist, affecting countless numbers of shade and landscape trees, as well as shrubs. In order for us to take the necessary measures to control these diseases, our certified arborists must first identify which of the following diseases are plaguing your trees and/or shrubbery.

If you would like more information on any of the diseases mentioned on this page, please feel free to click on the links provided below; you will then be directed to the National Arborists website. If you suspect your trees are diseased or infested with insects, contact Branch Management Tree Service today for our recommended course of action.

Tree Diseases

At Branch Management Tree Service, we can provide your trees with the nutrients necessary for them to be able to fight against whatever disease, or insect infestation is plaguing them. These nutrients can also help increase your tree’s drought and storm tolerance.

For the least amount of impact on your trees health, we highly recommend properly trimming them in order to reduce a disease, as well as improving the trees longevity. Improving your soil’s environment is yet another method of reducing a disease’s presence on your tree, which carries the added benefit of improving water penetration.

Honestly, every sick tree is going to present with a different scenario, and there is no magic cure. For any treatment to be successful diligently monitoring and keeping good notes is key since its condition will continually change. At Branch Management Tree Service we strive to provide you with trees that are both beautiful and healthy.

To acquire more information on our services, or to receive an estimate, please feel free to contact us today at (480) 970-1315. We look forward to assisting you in caring for your trees – no matter their size, shape or species.