Deep Root Fertilization = Healthy Trees

With 2014 underway, we at Branch Management Tree Service are finally ready to showcase our new website design and blog as well as offer many exciting tree care services for you to choose among. Today, we are featuring just one of our services: deep root fertilization. For more information, be sure to read our Deep Root Fertilization page.

While many of our competitors may focus on the proper trimming of your tree’s canopy to ensure its health – as do we; they often neglect to consider its root zone – which we do not. Many common tree diseases and insect infestations can be traced back to your tree’s root zone which is why it is important to take care of them. If your tree’s roots are kept in optimal condition, they will enable it to thrive and prosper.

Our deep root fertilization service includes aerating and injecting the soil around your tree’s roots with high-quality nutrients. This increases the oxygen diffusion rate in the soil, resulting in healthy roots. By injecting the soil, we are able to efficiently apply nutrients 12 to 14’’ beneath the surface. This does not harm the roots. Once injection is complete, we can cover the area with mulch in order to retain moisture.

Considering that no two trees are the same our certified arborists will determine precise intervals of when your roots will need to be fertilized upon their initial inspection. We recommend, however, that this service be completed at minimum twice a year – once during the fall and again in the spring. Contact Branch Management today to begin fertilizing your tree’s roots at (480) 970-1315.

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