Summer Tree Care

summer tree care

The trees around us are extremely important for several reasons including: producing oxygen, cleaning the air we breathe, controlling noise pollution, providing shade, fighting erosion, and increasing property values. Trees are very important for wildlife as well. Birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and other small animals use trees for shelter and nesting. Trees can also make a homes’ or businesses’ landscaping look more inviting to all those that visit.

What You Should Know About Planting Trees

Arizona’s warm soil temperatures allow year round root growth and development. That, however, is not to say you should plant trees – especially young trees, in the summer. Triple-digit temperatures make it extremely difficult for all plants to thrive. These temperatures, along with other stressors associated with summer, can also sap a tree’s energy. The best times for planting trees, according to certified arborists, is during the spring or early fall.

Summer Tree Care Tips

  • Weed around your trees as needed. Weeds can steal water and nutrients from the soil. Clear all weeds within 1 yard of the tree’s trunk.
  • Check your trees for damage that may have occurred during a recent storm. Cable, brace or remove weak limbs to prevent further damage.
  • Check mulch rings to see if additional material is needed. If the mulch is less than two-inches thick, you’ll want to add more.
  • Check your trees and shrubs regularly for insects and diseases. The United States┬áDepartment of Agriculture (USDA) offers a Field Guide for Insects and Diseases.
  • In Arizona, it’s important to water your trees once per week, especially if your trees are newly planted.
  • Avoid using herbicides on or around trees that warn against such use on the label. The same herbicides that kill dandelions can hurt trees if they are not applied properly.
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