Pruning Trees


Properly pruned, trees offer a number of benefits including providing year-round screening from street traffic and neighbors, creating a sound barrier to reduce noise, absorbing odors caused by pollutants, and increasing the value of your property among other benefits. Pruning should be a regular part of all tree maintenance programs. Pruning at the right time, using the proper techniques is critical, since it is possible to kill a healthy tree through neglect or over-pruning.

Here is some useful information on pruning trees.

Reasons for Pruning

  • To train the plant.
  • To maintain plant health.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • To ward off pests and diseases.
  • To improve the quality and growth of blooms.
  • And, in situations where space is limited, to restrict growth.

When to Prune?

During the winter season, trees often enter a dormant stage, halting their growth. This inactivity creates an ideal setting for pruning. Assuming proper technique, it promotes good plant health, and results in a vigorous burst of new growth. It is usually best to wait until the coldest part of winter has passed – ideally in late February or early March. Some species, such as maple and walnut, may “bleed” when sap begins to flow. This is totally normal and will cease when the tree leaf’s out.

General Tips

  • Make safety your number one priority!
  • Prune early, when the tree is young.
  • Always work your way down from the top.
  • Remove dead, diseased or damaged limbs first.
  • Next, remove competing, misdirected and weak limbs.
  • Keep your pruning tools sharp.

Professional Pruning Services

Don’t hire just anyone with a chain saw and a pickup truck! At Branch Management Tree Service, we are passionate about keeping your trees safe and healthy, allowing them to beautifully enhance your landscape. For more information on this and other professional tree care services, visit us online at, or call us at (480) 970-1315. We service both residential and commercial trees.

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