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Protect Your Landscape During Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is here! During June 15th through September 30th, Arizonians are greeted with booming thunderstorms, torrential rains and strong winds. These conditions often strike suddenly and with violent force. While it can be exciting to watch, monsoon season can result in dangerous situations and damage – especially to your landscape. In fact, according to […]

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Drought Tree Care

Trees are the single most important living element in a landscape.  They, just like humans, require consistent care regardless of the conditions surrounding them. Therefore, when dry weather conditions persist for any given period of time, landscape trees will inevitably require a lot of extra work in order to ensure they remain healthy. According to […]

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Selecting the Right Tree

Selecting the right tree for the right property is critical to avoiding long term problems.  And, we’re not just talking with the tree itself, as it’s just as important to give your neighbors careful consideration too – you’ll understand why in a moment. No matter what type of tree you are considering, it’s always recommended that […]

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Hiring an Arborist for Tree Care

An arborist, by definition of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), is a professional that has been trained in the art and science of plating, caring for and maintaining individual trees – regardless of species. Properly cultivating and maintaining any species of tree requires any in-depth understanding of the science and physiology behind that particular […]

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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Yard

  With the arrival of spring, comes the distinctive pull to get outside, and welcome its beauty by doing our part to spruce up our yards.  While many homeowners are spring cleaning the interiors of their homes, many others are finding themselves outside listening to the birds serenading and watching the flowers bloom, as they […]

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Deep Root Fertilization = Healthy Trees

With 2014 underway, we at Branch Management Tree Service are finally ready to showcase our new website design and blog as well as offer many exciting tree care services for you to choose among. Today, we are featuring just one of our services: deep root fertilization. For more information, be sure to read our Deep […]

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